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Ring A ring to see A ring to blind A ring to build A ring to bind A ring to know A ring to lie A ring to be To be a ring What an awfully useful thing. . . more
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The King of Green
The King of Green The Malopods bob mellowly in the wake of morning waves, Soaking lively waters into deeply wrinkled skin. The musky breeze and Lilyfrogs give life to primal green. This hidden kingdom of endless Lerium, farm only for the king. Because in this palace of the bush the king is. . . more
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People of Stone
People of Stone Distant shores blend seamlessly into still and blackened crests. Standing stone of sable sound sits serene a labyrinth frame wraps around its cared and polished face. Its tame visage sheds opal tears, From hands of men who take to tear into its noble form. What once was stone. . . more
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Sunset Flower
Sunset Flower The flower doesn't tremble in the coming of the night It sits upon tranquility, abask a golden glow. The cardinal doesn't falter in the ending of its flight It sings a simple elegance, that seldom lets it go. The wood frog doesn't panic in the pending fall of white It leaps amid. . . more
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Cycle Mist, I am scattered, blown. Crystals of millions makes me from violence Precipitation becomes oneself whilst sparkling sunlight watches. Rising, falling always changing, Water resting. Cycle repeating, always repeating. Resting water Changing, always falling, rising. Watches sunlight. . . more
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Vaicedeus Dim is the land where dark stars lie A throne ornate and grand in size Gilded gold it only pales, To the eye of the undrawn King. Beyond the power of the gods A Laplace demon in disguise King of all who turn to stare to the eye of the hallowed King. Unsought by wills of greater. . . more
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Machines Apathetic machines move Great things into light. The sky rolls far Like fields of golden wheat. Warm air runs and animals of stature rest on vistas of great height. Windows of souls rest easy on the baying of the day. Cold mechanisms pull The great into the mantle. Mammoth clouds. . . more
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Glass Eyes
Glass Eyes And in death, I shall blink and see through new eyes as the light of a thousand stars. And with those glittering eyes, I may finally see all of the heavens not as they were but as myself. The thrumming of every wave acting as muscle fibers while the collapse and creation of galaxies. . . more
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Test Post
Hello World. . . more
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