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Vaidic magic (commonly known as Sorcery, Magic, or the Calling) is a heavily abstracted type of Ith manipulation used by a small portion of Eirye's populous. Vaidic magic was created by the Vaicidians to be used in combat against the immense powers of the Tyrant King and was later fully integrated into the Vaicidians way of life. Being used in almost all aspects of there society Magic quickly became an integral part of the Vaicidians identity and partially lead to there eventual downfall and emigration. A selection of the Vaicidians mixed-blooded descendants have the capability to call upon this dormant magic while not being Vaicidian themselves. Using Vaidic magic requires one to have both innate and learned skills and a lack of either will result in an inability to use it.

Using Vaidic Magic

The Recessive Gene

To use Vaidic Magic one must have at least the natural ability to do so. This natural affinity comes in the form of an extremely recessive gene inheritable from anyone who possesses some amount of Vaicidian blood. While most of the population has a portion of Vaicidian blood the number of people who inherit this gene is minuscule in most species. The rarity of this gene in humans ranges from one in five hundred to one in one thousand depending on the region. The amount of Vaicidian blood in a person does have a positive correlation to the probability of inheriting this gene. Some higher class human dynasties strive to keep a high Vaicidian blood concentration in an attempt to have more children with the recessive gene. Some species such as the Grey Eyed race have a considerably higher percentage of Vaicidian blood and thus have an extremely high chance of inheriting the gene. This gene is critical for calling spells as it allows the individual to establish a two-way connection with Zans Towers.

Calling/Casting A Spell

Calling a spell at its most basic level requires three components, understanding, vis, and the spellword. All people with a portion of Vaicidian blood absorb vis from the atmosphere at varying levels depending on the region. A person's speed at absorbing and overall capacity for vis is determined pre-birth during the Ith acclimation process and is almost always hard set. This level at which someone can absorb and store vis varies quite heavily with most only being able to call/cast several first and second set spells before needing to stop and renew their vis levels. Though this is common for most races, some greater races including the Vaidics have much deeper wells for vis and renew vis at a much quicker rate.

The understanding of a spell is easily attained being possibly the most elementary of components for novices. Yet while being easy to acquire it often takes sorcerers many years and great difficulty to approach true understanding. A basic level of understanding can be gained through simply witnessing a spell and its effects. This amount of understanding is enough to know how to cast but will result in an inefficient casting. By understanding a spell you internalize an increasing amount of the spells wyn and rely less on the power of the Towers. The internalization of wyn can only be done to an individual's memory cap. This internalizing of a spell will better its potency, vis usage, cast time, and when fully internalized can remove the need for the spellword component.

The spellword while not difficult to use requires considerable effort in finding. Most sorcerers protect their spellwords with their life and use various techniques to keep people from ever hearing them. These techniques include whispering, wearing a silencing mask, or using concealment spells. This is done to keep other sorcerers from replicating the spell, as seeing a spell and hearing its spellword is enough to replicate and learn it. This has lead sorcerers, dynasties, guild, and governments to safeguard personal spellwords whilst trying to identify new ones. Though spellwords are immensely difficult to find it is not always necessary to struggle with others for them. Many spellwords were made public knowledge by the Flame Compact free for anyone to learn. One could also learn spellwords by delving into ruins or ancient tomes as an innumerous number of spellwords have been lost over the last ten thousand years.

Many spells require an additional component during casting called a catalyst. These catalysts vary from spell to spell and while most are simple objects readily attained some are quite rare. This catalyst might be used in the spellcasting process depending on the spell. Commonly found catalysts are more likely to be used during casting while rarer ones are frequently reusable. Some of the spells requiring a catalyst will have several things in which can be used as a catalyst with some being consumed and others not. Sometimes an efficient and rare catalyst will lessen the vis usage of the caster.

The Origins of Vaidic Magic

Vaidic Magic Post-Vacidians

The Workings of Vaidic Magic (Abridged)

The base set of the Ith manipulation used by the Vaicidians can be broken down into five core groups, with each group relating to a different part of general Ith manipulation. This set contains all the base spells/commands that are used to create every other spell. While it is possible to use these base spells by themselves they lack individual strength and must be strung together in order to have legitimate use. The amount of base spells in a spell can be determined by looking at its set number and using the equation ((10)^x). Therefore a set 2 spell would be created from around 1,000 base spells and a spell of set 8 would be created from around 100,000,000 base spells.

The Groups of the Base Set

Entrogize (bring up or down energy level of Ith particle)

Torate (Change position of Ith particle)

Sevect (connect or disconnect Ith particles to each other)

Atralize (modify Ith sub particles (add, change, remove) )

Ilate (access Ith metainformation (read, change, remove, add))